Frequently Asked Questions for Parent Users

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us Email: WhatsApp: +44 7570578586

You choose first which service you require. Do you want to have your requirements posted on our site and have available candidates apply directly to you - or would you like to appoint our agency service? Once you post a job on our website, then available, screened and interviewed nannies from our team are able to apply to your job. The applications come directly to your inbox with the CV and details of the nanny. Our agency service is like a full concierge service to help you choose a nanny.

£249 for a job post (with an after school nanny surcharge of £50) while our agency services begin at £499.

This service means you can post a job on our website - then available nannies will apply directly to you. You will receive CVs with contact details but also access video recordings of interviews we do with all nannies to help you make your decision.

We can help! We can write it for you once we have a phone call with you to understand better your needs. Make an appointment for a call so we can do it for you.

We have thousands of nannies in our network but if we do not happen to have a nanny available for what you need - then we will advertise externally, to then filter, interview and invite new nannies to join us and to apply for your particular job.

We prefer quality over quantity. There are plenty of websites who will offer you tons of candidates where at least 90% off applicants will be unsuitable or inexperienced. We want to offer you only the best possible nannies available. Therefore the average amounts of applicants are: Full time job posts = averaging 10-15 candidates Part time job posts = averaging 10 candidates After school nanny jobs = averaging 5 candidates Please bear in mind that these number can change according to the job requirements - EG if you need a driver or a particular language then the average number of candidates may be lower. We are always 100% honest with clients when they post a job regarding how many candidates to expect and how long it will take to hire a nanny.

We really recommend at least a month to hire a nanny from the moment you post the job until when you need a nanny to start, We realise this is not always possible as work and commitments can come up last minute - but we will do our very best to process any urgent job posts as quickly as possible.

We screen, select and interview every nanny to join our team - saving you time in your search for the ideal nanny. We have been matching nannies in families since 2011 and we specialise in offering nannies looking to commit long term to families.

Please refer to our T&Cs for all exact information on refunds. If you are not sure if we can offer you the right candidates - please book an online appointment with us so we can be sure to work well together. There is no obligation to use us after this call. In the same way we like to build long lasting relationships with nannies - we like to do the same with parents. We cannot process a refund if you simply change your mind but we can of course offer you a free credit to post another job another time if your situation changes.

In the past 10 years we have been offering nannies in families - we firmly believe in long term commitment from nannies. We can proudly say that 95% of our placements last as long as the parents need the nanny to stay. A few times a nanny has had to leave die to unforeseen circumstances. Either way - if we are wrong about a nanny, or she needs to leave sooner than you expected her to - you can post a free job post within a year of your previous post. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this gurantee.

We ask each new nanny to join us to supply extensive information, a CV and two references. We also conduct a video interview with every new nanny to join us which lasts for at least 30 minutes. We record a portion of this interview and make this information available to you when a nanny applies to your job.

To appoint us to work with you as an agency to assist you in your search for childcare please first book an appointment with us.