Frequently Asked Questions for Nannies

If your answer is not here - please feel free to contact us with anymore questions you have.

How can I join your team?

In order to join our team, you need to please fill in a form which offers us information about you and also a detailed work history. We will approve your application based on our criteria. Once approved we will video interview you before you can become a verified team member and apply for any of our jobs.

How much does it cost?

It is totally free for nannies who wish to use our site and apply for jobs.

My Personal Information

Your personal contact details are not displayed anywhere on the site and neither is your full name. It is only after you apply for a job that your contact information is shared with the parents so they can call you or email you to arrange interview.

What happens after I apply for a job on your site?

Your application is sent to the parents who will receive your profile information and your contact details. It is then their decision if they wish to call or email you for an interview. It is usually at this stage that they will ask to see your offline CV and maybe your documents. We really recommend having a scanned copy on file of all your documents ready.

Why do I need to upload a photo?

This is a security step. We offer parents an honest and transparent service - and this is reflected in every nanny displaying a photo of themselves on their profile. Parents like to be able to see a photo of nannies before inviting them for interview and your profile will not be approved until you provide us a clear headshot of yourself.

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