Need to hire a maternity nurse?

New baby on the way? Some parents book a maternity nurse or night nanny to help with a newborn. The role of the maternity nurse is to offer guidance and support to help families settle into their new life with baby. Typically a maternity nurse will work from between 2 weeks to 6 weeks after the baby is born and can assist with feeding, routines and allowing mum to rest and recover after birth. A Maternity nurse will typically live in and some work on a rota of of 24 hours, while others are 'daily' and come to help according to a schedule. A 'Night Nanny' will typically work alongside a maternity nurse to help establish a gentle routine during the night and to allow mum to catch up on sleep. At Nanny Network, you pay only once to post your job (£249) and there is nothing else to pay when you find a nanny through us - which you will! Step one → fill in the form Step two → make payment (once you submit form) Step three → receive applications Step four → hire help!