How does it work?

Hire your perfect nanny in 4 simple steps.

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Post your job

This is an important step - putting together a job description to detail what you are looking for but also to make sure your job attracts the right candidates. Check out our guides to help you or book a call with us so we can assist you with this.

Our awesome features
Receive Applicants

You will receive applicants directly to your inbox - their CV's and a section of the video interview that we had with the candidate. You won't however receive their contact details until payment is made.

Our awesome features
Make Payment

In order to receive the contact details of the candidates and more CVs of potential nannies you need to please pay our fee at this stage. There is nothing more to pay when you choose one of our nannies.

Our awesome features
Hire Help!

Start interviewing candidates at your convenience - either online or face to face. Set up trials with the candidates you like and choose your favourite. If you need help with contracts, payments or any admin at this stage we can offer advice and support.

Nab a nanny

Tell us what you need by filling out the form and we will post the job to our network. We do not charge membership, ongoing fees or any commission. At Nanny Network, you pay only once and thats after you receive our candidate videos directly to your inbox and you decide to proceed with us. There is nothing else to pay when you find a nanny through us - which you will! Step one → Fill in the form to post your job (free) Step two → Receive candidate videos to your inbox (free) Step three → Decide if you wish to proceed to keep your job live in our network and continue to receive candidates and their contact details (pay at this stage) Step four → hire help!

Prefer to use our full agency service?

This is like a traditional childcare agency option where we support you through the entire process from start to finish and consult along the way - as much as you need. To get started, you need to please book an initial consultation using the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

You choose first which service you require. Do you want to have your requirements posted on our site and have available candidate videos sent across - or would you like to appoint our full agency service? Once you post a job on our website, we will send through the video interviews of candidates who wish to apply to you. Our agency service is like a full concierge service to help you choose a nanny.

Step one - Post a job on our site and give us as much information as possible so that your advert attracts the right candidates. Step two- Within 48-72 hours receive a response from us regarding candidates and the videos of those who wish to apply to meet you. Step three- Decide if you wish to proceed with us and receive the contact details of the nannies who have applied and to continue receiving candidates. At this stage you pay to keep your job advert live and to continue to use our service. Step four- Start meeting candidates in real life, or organising trials with the ones you particularly like. Step 5 - Hire your nanny!

It is free to post the job to just see the candidates who apply to your job then a charge of £399 to proceed in receiving the contact details of candidates to arrange to meet them in real life. Our full agency service costs £999.

Once your job is posted on our site (for free) In order to keep the job live and to keep receiving candidates with their full contact details we then charge you £399

Take a look at the guide we wrote to put together the perfect job description.

We have thousands of nannies in our network but if we do not happen to have a nanny available for what you need - then we will advertise externally, then online interview and invite new nannies to join us and to apply for your particular job.

We prefer quality over quantity. There are plenty of websites who will offer you tons of candidates where at least 90% off applicants will be unsuitable or inexperienced. We want to offer you only the best possible nannies available. Therefore the average amounts of applicants are: Full time job posts = averaging 5-10 candidates Part time job posts = averaging 3-5 candidates After school nanny jobs = averaging 3 candidates Please bear in mind that these number can change according to the job requirements - EG if you need a nanny to start asap or a driver or a particular language then the average number of candidates may be lower. We are always 100% honest with clients when they post a job regarding how many candidates to expect and how long it will take to hire a nanny through us.

We really recommend at least a month to hire a nanny from the moment you post the job until when you need a nanny to start. We realise this is not always possible as work and commitments can come up last minute - but we will do our very best to process any urgent job posts as quickly as possible. We are a tiny team so this is not always possible.

We screen, select and interview every nanny to join our team - saving you time in your search for the ideal nanny. We have been matching nannies in families since 2011 and we specialise in offering nannies looking to commit long term to families.

Please refer to our T&Cs for all exact information on refunds. If you are not sure if we can offer you the right candidates - please book an online appointment with us so we can be sure to work well together. There is no obligation to use us after this call. In the same way we like to build long lasting relationships with nannies - we like to do the same with parents. We cannot process a refund if you simply change your mind but we can of course offer you a free credit to post another job another time if your situation changes.

In the past 10 years we have been offering nannies in families - we firmly believe in long term commitment from nannies. We can proudly say that 95% of our placements last as long as the parents need the nanny to stay. A few times a nanny has had to leave due to unforeseen circumstances. Either way - if we are wrong about a nanny, or she needs to leave sooner than you expected her to - you can post a free job post within a year of your previous post. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this guarantee.

We ask each new nanny to join us to supply extensive information, a CV and two references. We also conduct a video interview with every new nanny to join us which lasts for at least 30 minutes. We record a portion of this interview and make this information available to you when a nanny applies to your job.

To appoint us to work with you as an agency to assist you in your search for childcare please first book an appointment with us. The agency service is a full concierge service and work alongside you for the whole process from start to finish.

At this moment we are not set up for individual bookings we only offer long term placements for parents.

Typically, a nanny works in the daytime while a babysitter would work the evening generally while children are asleep.

First time parent?

Is this all new to you? Let us help you. Request our free guide for first time parents looking to hire a nanny.